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Distinguished Attorney in Chatsworth

I have served the Northern Georgia area for decades with dedication and professionalism. I have the knowledge and experience you require to tackle your case, no matter how big or small it may be. I provide all of my clients with the representation and personalized service their case requires. With experience in civil and criminal matters at the State and Federal levels, I can provide insight into moving forward smoothly. 

Criminal Law Experience

I understand the stress you may have when it comes to finding legal representation for criminal charges. I will be sure to discuss your legal situation in clear and simple terms so there is no confusion or additional stress. You will find that I am a highly skilled advocate that knows how to maneuver through the complexities of the criminal justice system. I will deliver personalized solutions to give you the best outcome possible.

Civil Law Claims

I have a record of giving my clients outstanding results with civil law claims. While many civil matters are sensitive that does not mean you should avoid them. I understand the delicacy that these cases involve and will be by your side helping along the way. I will provide you with efficient and clear representation that keeps your best interests at the heart of your case. I have handled claims dealing with everything from family law to personal injury to workers compensation.

DUI Charges

DUI/OVI charges can be a major problem in your life. We have all heard about someone getting charged with a DUI and know that there can be large fines, suspended driver's license, and possible jail time. You need a trusted defense attorney to help you navigate the legal road ahead. I know the legal implications such a charge can have on your professional career and how to keep it from negatively impacting you. I will fight to get your charges and fine reduced, keep your record clean, and get your license back in your hands. 
If you have pending civil or criminal disputes, call me today at (706) 695-4511
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